Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’ Kills The ‘Independent Woman’

Photo by Elev8
Photo by Elev8

How does an icon go from extraordinary to common? Witness Beyonce from” Independent Woman” and “Irreplaceable” to her new release, “Drunk in Love.”
So disappointing!
To go from independent woman in control of her destiny demanding respect and embodying girl power to describing herself as a drunk, profane woman willing to let her man kick a misogynistic, abusive verse…
How do you go from “Since I’m not your everything, how about I’ll be nothing?”  to having your husband, Jay Z, on your debut video to your new album saying “I am Ike Turner, Eat the cake Annie Mae” – from a movie that clearly illustrates one of the most vicious wife beaters who almost killed another amazing icon, Tina Turner.  It’s like in one stroke she undermined Tina Turner’s march toward victory and mocked it saying that kind of domestic violence is alright.
My God, it’s as if she turned back the clock 50 years in one moment.
Arguably, the most beautiful, talented, gifted, independent woman of our time has truly gone from the Beyonce we knew, loved and looked up to, to become Mrs. Carter, wife of a gangster by her own account, who apparently now feels that it’s not enough to have come into her marriage as an equal, but now must tell the world that it is ok to have him writing verses that exemplify the worst in modern male-female relationship that we currently have documented.
What was she thinking?
To go lower and make herself as low down and common as she has done is such as betrayal and an outrage. Like Whitney Houston before her who allowed Bobby Brown to take her from icon to common drug addict, Beyonce has clearly shifted and has decided rather than be Queen Bey, she’d rather be that girl on the street whose been drinking, and dances around while the man in her life likens himself to a physically abusive monster telling her what to do.
“I been drinking… I get so filthy…Eat the cake Annie Mae…”
We have just witnessed the death of an icon and the birth of another common _____, who is willing to put up with anything from the man she loves… Let’s hope at some point the self-respecting, empowered Beyonce will rise again.
Until then, who will raise a standard for black girls to look up to in the entertainment industry now.  So sorry to see you sink to these depths and sadden the rest of the world with it.
Badly done, Mrs. Carter. Badly done!
You sold millions of cds as a class act, why’d you do it, Bey?
Why’d you do it????
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