Better Love Yourself Foundation’s 17th Annual Trunk Event Empowers College-Bound Students

The Better Love Yourself Foundation, a charitable organization founded by the compassionate Terisa Griffin and her supportive community, geared up for its 17th annual Trunk Event.

Dedicated to building and uplifting the next generation of college-bound students, this year’s event promised a memorable occasion filled with valuable resources and empowering experiences. Held at Malcolm X College, it brought together over 100 students for an exciting opportunity to network, gain essential skills, and prepare for their college journey.

Griffin’s journey towards founding the Better Love Yourself Foundation trunk event began with her heartfelt initiative of providing prom dresses for high school girls in need.

While helping these young women prepare for their special night, she couldn’t help but reflect on the pressure and emphasis society placed on prom as a defining moment. Observing the financial strain it put on families and recognizing the fleeting nature of the event, Griffin felt compelled to make a difference more substantially.

Her passion for education and belief in its transformative power motivated her to shift the foundation’s focus towards empowering young minds through scholarships and mentorship programs.

Griffin firmly believed that investing in education would yield lifelong benefits, empowering individuals to reach their full potential and make a lasting impact in their communities. This change in direction filled her with immense satisfaction and a sense of purpose, as she knew she was contributing to a cause that truly mattered and could shape the future of countless lives.

At this year’s trunk event, the foundation aims to empower students with the necessary tools to thrive in college and beyond. With a strong emphasis on networking, the event facilitated connections between college-bound students, fostering a sense of camaraderie with hopes of providing them with a supportive community to lean on during their academic journey.

More than just an event for the students, the trunk rally also aims to strengthen family bonds and celebrate the accomplishments of college-bound students.

Families will come together to revel in their children’s success and share in the joy of this significant milestone.

The event allowed families to create lasting memories before sending their children off to college, armed with the everyday essentials, newfound knowledge and confidence.
The Better Love Yourself Foundation’s 17th annual trunk event stands as a testament to the power of community support and empowerment.

The foundation is nurturing a generation of confident and prepared college-bound scholars by providing students with essential skills, networking opportunities, and parental guidance.

As the event unfolded at Malcolm X College, it was a day of celebration, inspiration, and hope as students prepared to embark on their transformative college journey with the support of their loved ones and the Better Love Yourself Foundation.

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