Ben Carson Says Hilary Clinton Has Ties with Lucifer


According to Dr. Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton is running a campaign aligned with the teachings of Lucifer.
During his speech at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, Carson turned quite a few heads by linking Clinton to author Saul Alinsky, whose book “Rules for Radicals” includes a blurb on the dedication page that identifies Lucifer as “the first radical.”
Wednesday morning on CNN, Carson characterized Alinsky as a collegiate mentor of Clinton’s saying she is running a campaign that mirrors what is “espoused by evil.”
“When you look at the principles that are espoused by Christ, by Christianity, and you look at what’s espoused by evil,” Carson said. “And then you look at things like killing babies, you look at things like redefining marriage, away from what the biblical definition is, I think that there’s pretty good consistency there.”
In 1969, Clinton Clinton wrote her Wellesley undergraduate thesis on Alinsky, though she’s said in her own book that she had “fundamental” disagreements with him, according to the website.

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