Become the CEO of Your Life with the Layered Living Planner

Brittani Hunt and Tanisha Carothers could not find a planner to meet the needs of all the aspects of their lives, so they created one.  These two ladies met at Tennessee State University back in 2007.  They cliqued and grew closer as they pledged Delta Sigma Theta sorority.  They became great friends and eventually decided to start a business together.  They combined their talents and education to create HerSpace Co, a black, woman-owned brand founded with purpose and intention.  This lifestyle brand welcomes the modern woman who desires to live and evolve intentionally.  Their signature product is the Layered Lifestyle Planner (LLP).  Besides the Lifestyle Living Planner, they also have notebooks, candles, pens, and magazines.  This year’s theme is “Being in Full Bloom.”

As co-founders of HerSpace Co, Brittani is the Creative Director, and Tanisha is the Strategic Director.  The Layered Living Planner is much more than any other planner.  They created this planner for Black women, so they feel challenged and inspired to be the best version of themselves.  The 240-page planner has weekly, monthly, quarterly check-ins, and yearly layouts for long-term planning.  The component of this planner helps women manage the twelve layers of their lives.  Since women are multi-dimensional, the ladies thought the planner should reflect the same.

The Layered Living planner contains twelve layers.  The twelve layers of the modern woman – include their dreams, living space, relationships, personal development, beauty, health and wellness, creativity, travel and exploration, career, finances, giving, and soul.  For instance, the DreamHer layer at the beginning of the planner has space for your dreams and action steps to get there.  Brittani’s favorite part of the planner is the “Word of the Year” section.  This word helps you set a focal point for the entire year.

These HBCU alums recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Layered Lifestyle Planner.  This year they added a virtual experience to commemorate the fifth anniversary.  This event included a female DJ with a female playlist to set the mood.  Brittani and Tanisha feel blessed to be friends and celebrate their 15th-year friendship by keeping each other accountable.  Tanisha said, “The modern woman wants to be layered, not labeled.”  She often reminds the women not to put themselves in a box and live out all their layers.

The weekly layouts allow you to live out your layers.  There are also tasks to perform throughout the Layered Living planner.  Some of the tasks include writing a letter to yourself and taking yourself on a solo date.  The quarterly check-ins allow you to re-assess your goals and celebrate yourself.  Once you get this planner, you will always want to keep it in your bag as an essential element to your everyday activities.  Think of it as an outward extension of yourself and a reminder of your life goals.  Brittani and Tanisha have created a fantastic community called “Homegirls,” including those who use this one-of-a-kind life system.

Brittani notes their HBCU experience is infused in the brand.  Their HBCU experience encourages them to show up authentically as themselves.  They are proud to show up and embrace being Black women.  Their college experience reminds them to be confident in their abilities and not compromise themselves.  Although there are twelve layers, the planner is self-centered.  The SurvivHer layer covers your wellness journey.  The focus of this layer is to reflect on your healthy habits, both physical and mental.

Tanisha and Brittani have learned many life lessons working together.  Tanisha realizes life is difficult at times, and having a best friend is great.  They support each other and provide each other with grit and grace.  Brittani sees the benefits of “watering the garden” of friendships and the beauty of hard work.  She believes friends and friendships should be celebrated.  Brittani and Tanisha are actual examples of how meaningful this planner can be personally and professionally.  These two women listened to what women needed and wanted, then created this planner.  Besides, this planner also provides external resources to help their “Homegirls” find the tools, guidance, confidence, and need to be the CEO of their lives.  It is a great resource to help you learn, celebrate your success, and keep you accountable in all layers of your life.  Black women now have a place to feel challenged and inspired to be the best version of themselves.  For more information about HerSpace Co., check out the HerSpace Co. or follow them on Instagram @herspaceco.

Theresa Horton is a contributing writer for the Chicago Defender. Find her on Instagram at @passionateresources and Twitter @passion_sources.


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