#AskCiara hashtag gets singer bashed ruthlessly


When will celebrities learn the obvious lesson of avoiding the “#Ask” hashtag like it were a coiled cobra? The list of casualty reads like the Who’s Who of entertainment.

Atlanta-based singer Ciara tried to build a bond with her fans via the hashtag #AskCiara, and callous Internet trolls crawled out of the cracks of the sidewalks and just completely mauled Future’s ex-girlfriend half to death. You would have thought Ciara did something to these people personally for them to respond with such venom and fire.

She might be permanently disfigured emotionally after this episode. It was so bad that you would have expected to see yellow police tape around her Twitter handle. It was a bloodbath.

It was not as if Ciara brought it upon herself; she generally wanted to interact with her fans. But it went horribly wrong, and quickly. Check out the worst of the cyberspace bludgeoning of #AskCiara.








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