Apollo Nida begs judge to reduce prison time

Apollo Nida, right, with his wife (for now), Phaedra Parks.

With Apollo Nida staring at the rest of his life in prison — which at 30 years maximum, would essentially be a life sentence — the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is on his hands and knees, pleading for the judge to have mercy on  him.

The husband of “RHOA” star Phaedra Parks, has already served five years for a similar corruption scheme and can be characterized as a career criminal. But his lawyers are pleading for the courts to lower his criminal history category, and therefore lower his maximum time in prison.

In effect, his lawyers are asking for the Atlanta district court to change his status from Criminal History Category V to Criminal History Category IV.

“A criminal history category of V substantially overstates the seriousness of Mr. Nida’s criminal past, thus warranting a departure from the guidelines range,” his attorneys stated in July 3 documents, citing the 35-year-old personal trainer’s history of three probation revocations, driving under the influence and giving a false name to law enforcement, all before he turned 24 years old, radaronline.com reports.

“Mr. Nida’s lengthy, but early small-time criminal history is simply not in the same league as the ‘violent offenders, drug kingpins and perpetrators of far more serious offenses’ that Criminal History Category V was designed to address.”

It’s not like his wife is all broken up about his impending long prison stint. The father of two is spending the final days before his sentencing alone as wife Parks, 41, vacations with girlfriends including singer Fantasia Barrino in Mexico.

“We’re working to make it better,” Nida said of his marriage. That may take superhuman strength seeing that he may spend decades in prison.

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