Ald. Brookins Jr. Announces Retirement

Today, Alderman Howard Brookins, Jr., of the 21st ward announced his decision to retire from City Council. After nearly 20 years serving the city of Chicago and representing South Side residents, Alderman Brookins is ready to hand the reins over to a new generation of leadership. In the meantime, he will complete his term and finish his work as chairman of the Transportation and Public Way Committee.“For the 19 years that I have served alderman of the 21st ward, I have walked in the footsteps of my father and I took pride in modeling servant leadership for our beautiful communities,” said Alderman Brookins. “I am thankful for having the trust of my community as we worked together to provide greater economic opportunity and prosperity for our people.”During his public service, Alderman Brookins secured major wins for the 21st ward, which includes Auburn-Gresham and Washington Heights, such as new retail options like the ward’s first Starbucks, expanded affordable housing, and a new charter school to drive educational opportunity. Once chair of the Chicago City Council Black Caucus, Alderman Brookins helped usher in the DuSable Museum and the renaming of Lakeshore Drive under the same namesake, and he secured reparations for victims of disgraced former police commander Jon Burge. As chair of the transportation committee, Brookins helped jumpstart the electric scooter programs in Chicago. Brookins also served as chair of the council’s Economic and Education committees during his tenure.On the heels of this success, Alderman Brookins wants to hand the baton over to a new generation of leaders who can make sure the movement for racial justice and economic equity is sustained into the new political era. To this end, he has worked with young leaders like Ronnie Mosley to charter the new 21st Ward Young Democrats organization.“I will remain politically active and available for guidance and counsel, particularly for young Democrats who will bring our ward and our city into a more just future,” said Alderman Brookins. “I have faith in their leadership and history shows us that the Black movement works best when the new generation takes over at the right time. I believe now is that time, at least for our community here in the 21st ward.”


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