AC Green on Saving Homes and What to Avoid with Banks During COVID-19

A native of Chicago, AC Green has helped over 30,000 families and is a strong advocate for giving back to the community. He has great empathy for others, speaks with, and provides help to thousands of listeners who reach out to him on the radio.  His talent helped him develop into an accomplished keyboard player and music composer with a background in gospel music. He was able to use his music and songwriting skills to produce media products, including commercial jingles. He wrote the jingle, “Yes We Can,” for President Barack Obama when he was running for senate and produced live shows for Grammy-winning gospel artists and many others.

In December 2008, AC launched his radio show during the height of the recession while everyone was losing their homes and 401K’s. He received a call from one of the radio stations and asked him did he know of anyone that wanted a brokerage show that was 30 minutes long? He thought about and decided to do it. Within four months, the show attracted a significant sponsor. Within six months, that show was heard in Las Vegas, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, and is now on every urban radio station in the third-largest market, which is Chicago. His show airs at 9 am on Soul 106.3, and throughout the day on V103, AM 1390, and 102.3.  The show is a blend of music, entertainment, and empowerment.

AC is a firm believer that God cannot trust you if you are not faithful over the little things. You cannot function or be the ruler of big ideas. This time he was perfectly positioned to help people with their homes.  He was losing his home at the same time he was starting his radio show 2008. Even with the success of the jingles for Barack Obama, and others, he was about to lose his house. He knew that life was going to change for him and asked God not to give him the house he was about to lose but to give him more faith.

AC went to various seminars hosted by non-for-profits detailing how he could save his home. He saw the inadequacies of that process because the legal system structured mortgage documents as legal entities. He attended another workshop that helped business owners avoid losing their homes and learned they were restructuring their mortgages for business owners. They were strategically hiring lawyers to hold the bank off while the homeowner did something else with that monthly mortgage payment by investing it and paying the lawyer. They would do this for two years, still have the house, and have it restructured.  That was his “A-Ha” moment, and he went on air about this concept.

SS:  What should we know about dealing with banks during the COVID -19 pandemic when it comes to saving our home and paying our mortgages?

AC: The government is going to look out for Wall Street. Wall Street received bonuses for misusing all these loans in the past. Even with this administration, the Republican government is looking out for Wall Street. The government is allowing homeowners and people to receive forbearances under the COVID-19 Financial Relief. Still, at the end of the forbearance, they want all of the money that you owe. Why would you do that when the bank has its points of interest? What you should do is get a free consultation with a lawyer. If the lawyer agrees that you are likely to come out ahead, then you move forward with the modification or negotiation so you can get a lower monthly mortgage.

SS:  Why is it more crucial today than it was in 2008 to understand Banks?

AC:  The government is going to be co-opted up to 2 to 5 years because of this virus. We do not know what that is going to look like in 2 to 5 years.  That means no matter how it looks today, no matter how high unemployment is or how well your job is, we do not know what the virus is going to do.  Let us say they get a vaccine in 2 years or 18 months, who is going to take care of the losses or the capital of big corporations for the two years they lost. Guess who is going to pay for it? We are, through taxes and job losses. They are going to lay you off or fire you to cover their losses. You are going to work harder for less money if they are going to overcome this. Therefore, you have to restructure all of your debt. Why wait to restructure your debt in a year or six months, when GM and significant corporations and airlines are restructuring debt right now.

It is a matter of doing it now or do it later. Once the financial market recovers through the bailout, you will lose your advantage. Now is the time when you should look into getting a lawyer because now you have the most advantage for getting more now. When the government becomes whole again, this opportunity will no longer exist.

SS:  Why aren’t black people getting this information?

AC: Where you have a deficit of information is on urban radio. This is why I purposely went to urban radio with my show. The station managers and owners felt that the listeners only wanted to hear the music. Twelve years later, I am on every urban radio station with the full blessings of every program director because the show brings and sustains listeners.  While the listeners are enjoying the music, they are losing their house, have bad credit, and do not know how to make it financially week to week. Therefore, In 90 seconds, I am providing enough information to save 30,000 households. People are not losing their homes because something is wrong with the structure; they are losing their homes because there is not enough money in our households. The wealth gap is alive and well, especially in these times.

AC: If you can develop a business idea from a dream and feel like you cannot do it because you were not educated in these areas, I want to help. I want to help you get that information so you can take care of your core essentials as other communities do. Having a business is not a luxury but a necessity in our community.

Check out the AC Green Online Business Mastermind Courses at You can also find information about home modification and hear him on the radio daily.

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