A new Evil

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Where is this world headed when people like Cruz, Trump and and Palin all confirmed racist are running for office and preaching hate of every kind its frighting.
What is going to happen to our world when we are a country of minorities and the white race is the minority?
Do the likes of Cruz, Trump and Palin if elected round them up and take them to the gas chambers?
Build bigger jails and have them all locked up as free labor?
Or just put them in the desert somewhere and kill them all and let the sun bake their bones?
Trumps attitude of the disabled is shameful would he order all of them sterilized or worse yet shot and killed.
Or would he have every illegal immigrant rounded up and shot to ensure they don’t come back.
We are headed backwards with these types as possible leaders of the free world.
And what type of free world would this be with idiots set on creating a white ruled America.
We are at a very strange time in America with hate groups developing as never before seen.
Is this simply the beginning of a civil war based on race, are the police beatings of black men just the tip and the killing of Moslem people the tip of the war on minorities and non Christian religions.
I hear friends say they are supporting the republican party and I wonder why when all they have ever done is divide the nation and favor the rich and powerful.
How can educated people for a minute think this is the way a multicultural country will survive without civil conflict.
Minorities are on the rise, are they going to sit back and watch as their people are killed by these political types?
This is all I see from them, setting the clock back where civil rights are a thing of the past, and white rule will be the judge on weather you live or die sounds like a horror movie.
These people are talking like Hitler and the fear mongers are using a few terrorist to light a fire of fear in the minds of the ignorant.
Are we headed back to lynch mobs when whole towns would turn out to hang black people and this time it will be all minorities.
Frighting thoughts but the reality of this is the talk of the republican idiots, and their leaders Trump, Cruz and Palin..
Remember Hitler was a little man that most didn’t take seriously and look what happened.
We need to learn to get to know each other, so these lies about different groups of people can be put to rest through education and association with the people we don’t understand.
And lastly protest the medias racist profiling of minorities and non Christian people. Write, picket and most of all make it known at the voting box these type will not be elected. We are an America for the people all people all races and all religions.When these rights are taken from us what will happen next?

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