A Marker for Change: Carol Moseley Braun

Carol Moseley Braun, 68, recollects her triumphant run to being elected the first female African-American United States Senator. After shocking Illinois and the rest of the country by winning the democratic primaries, the Chicago native went on to secure a senate seat in the 1992 election. Moseley Braun would endure a tumultuous six years as the only Black senator in Congress when she was elected. She was not immune to sexism and racism, but that did not keep her from being a voice for those she represented. Moseley Braun was outspoken about fair educational opportunities, environmental care and women’s rights. She took a stand in 1993, just after arriving in the senate, to speak against the use of the confederate flag, a similar debate to what we saw arise in 2015. Moseley Braun, who had Dorothy Height and Shirley Chisholm as mentors, was a superstar in the 90s, setting the stage for future politicians who are also minorities i.e. Barack Obama.
An important marker in America’s history books, the current president of Ambassador Organics recalls her life before, during and after her time as a trailblazer in the United States Senate.
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