A Chicago Woman Celebrates Her 100 Birthday With Neighbors on The West Side

Mrs. Lethea Crump, affectionately known as Mother Crump, will be turning 100 years young on Thursday, September 22, 2022. Mother Crump never had any biological children of her own, however, she’s been a surrogate mother to many in our community and across the country. She’s opened her home to family and friends when times got hard. Mother Crump has lived and served in the Austin community for over 48 years, retiring from Leaf Candy Company after 29 years of service. The one thing that she wants people to remember about her is that she loves God and that she is serving in the ministry. Mrs. Crump is a native of Clarksdale Mississippi. She left there and moved to Memphis at the age of 18, then moved to Chicago at the age of 35 and has resided here ever since.

“I extend my heartfelt greetings and appreciation to Mother Crump”, says David Cherry, President of the Leaders Network.  “Too often, we are mourning the loss of young people, including children, to the ongoing violence in our communities.  This is a rare and joyous opportunity to honor and celebrate a woman for reaching the century mark in our community.  May God continue to bless Mother Crump just as she has been an extraordinary blessing to others in her amazing life”, Cherry concluded.

“Mrs Crump’s resilient life story must be told and celebrated. She survived the Great Depression, World War II, the lynch law era and the “ride on the back of the bus” period of our history!” stated Pastor Ira Acree of Greater St John Bible Church.

“For this centenarian to witness the election of the first black president, the first woman Vice President, who also happens to be black, and the appointment of the first black woman to the US Supreme Court, it should give America hope, especially in this era of intense social unrest. “ Acree added


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