5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

If all the holiday displays of red and green have left you feeling bluer than blue, take heart because you are not alone. While no formal studies have been conducted on the incidence of the “holiday blues,” a mental health expert I recently talked to was quick to say it is not an unusual occurrence.
“It’s ironic, but many people struggle with feelings of sadness during the time of year we traditionally think of as being most festive,” said Paul Keck, M.D., President-CEO, Lindner Center of HOPE, and Lindner Professor of Psychiatry and Behavior Neuroscience, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.
Dr. Keck said there are sound psychological and biological reasons why people feel down as the year draws to a close. Everything from increased demands on our time and budgets to decreased sunlight can leave us feeling depleted, he explained. I asked him if Hallmark should rush a batch of “Unhappy New Year” cards into production.
“That’s probably premature,” he laughed. “There are a lot of good coping strategies for getting through the holidays in one piece.”
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