3 Gwinnett County (Ga.) Female Jail Employees Arrested on Sexual Assault and Drug Charges

gwinnett lisa-ziglar
Lisa Ziglar

Three female jail employees in a north Atlanta suburb are now residents of that jail after two of them were charged with having sexual relations with inmates while one was caught stealing prescription drugs to give to another inmate. All the alleged crimes were committed within the last month.

Former Gwinnett County deputy Lisa Ziglar was charged with sexual assault for allegedly having relations with a prisoner. Ziglar was initially placed on administrative leave since the sheriff’s office began investigating accusations of her misconduct in February.

“The results of our investigation indicated that Deputy Ziglar had participated in a consensual, but illegal, sexual relationship with an inmate that included intimate touching,” Deputy Shannon Volkodav wrote, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Ms. Ziglar’s employment was terminated and the investigative findings were submitted to the district attorney’s office for prosecution.”

gwinnett Theresa-Smart

Theresa Cathrina Smart, 32, was jailed as a result of two misdemeanor charges of theft and illegal drug distribution on Halloween. Bruce Coley, the inmate who she was accused of providing the prescription drugs, was arrested Oct. 30 on a probation violation and remains in custody.

Smart, of Stone Mountain, allegedly stole eight 100 milligrams tablets of Wellbutrin, an antidepressant, from the jail pharmacy and giving them to Coley even though she knew the prescriptions had been discontinued.

gwinnett Cheryl-Bates
Cheryl Bates

Cheryl Lynn Bates,.44,  was arrested on charges of sexual assault for allegedly having sex with an inmate, which under the law is a felony in Georgia because the inmate is a person in custody.


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