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12 Voices: Still Jigga By E.M. Evans

E.M. Evans

It would be great, if human beings were great, at being human

If all of mankind were made up of kind man and woman

It Would be wonderful if common knowledge was Knowledge commonly known

And if the light from being enlightened into every heart were shown

It would be glorious if neighbors were neighborly and indifference a forgotten word

It would be awesome if we shared everything and being greedy was simply absurd

It would be spectacular if the golden rule was golden to every man

And the good things that we did, was simply everything that we can…

Though I must admit, it gets kind of hard to trust again when all you’ve known is being trapped in a foreign land

where most every young brown man is Neglected because he’s considered more nigga than citizen,

but, were would I even begin?

Cause I could talk about the rather recent invention of a term we call “race,” a government of the “people” that okayed the KKK

or even folks that proclaimed our faith then used it to enslave just to maintain control of the states

but, when you look at it, how much has really changed?

cause it seems like 3/5ths of us are still locked inside a cage and although schools can’t legally segregate,

somehow ours are rat infested and underpaid yet we’re still waiting to get saved like the people the system works for would ever truly want a change,

wait…I think I might’ve figured out what led our ancestors astray

because, yes, they knew how to innovate just like their modern day daughters and sons

but freedom is useless when you still lack an understanding of where you come from

and after centuries of being confused and suffering from every type of abuse, we were left historically deaf and dumb

but don’t you want to be a part of the generation that finally overcomes?

or should I say the ones that finally return back to the beginning.

Because before prisons or slave shipments,

we were a people of a much higher position.

The center of civil living whose traditions weren’t controlled by commercialism,

but rather a vision of how to do all we can for the children

because when we’re gone, it’ll be on top of our legacy that they’re building

but the future will just continue to be tinted if they don’t understand that dark skin doesn’t make you a villain

as a matter a fact, when it all started, the whole world respected dark pigment

then somewhere along the line we were tricked and labeled ignant

kicked for 400 years but look around, now once again every man can find some sort of independence if he just uses the right lenses to construct a bright image

But we’re so busy living fast and reckless, with a certified death wish

that we don’t even realize that we’ve taken the masks forced on us and given ourselves a life sentence

but it’s not too late if we just learn the lesson and stop trying do all this impressing

by dressing ourselves up like drillas and killas

Cause as long as we play the game they give us, we’ll never be winners

And Just like Jay could only find fulfillment when he finally killed Jigga

Our true history won’t get any clearer until the day we finally kill nigga

E.M. Evans is a writer, filmmaker and public speaker. Follow E.M on Instagram  @iam_emevans

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