100 Love Notes to Black Men

Dear Black Men, Men of Color, and strength, we as black women want you to know that we love and support you. We want you to know how much we value your presence through good and bad, the bitter and the sweet. Below is a list of 100 reasons why we love you, along with words to uplift you.

Read each one as you please as a reminder of who you are to the world and us.

  1. Dear Strong Black Man, you are and will always be more than what they think you are! -Love, Crystal, Simpsonville
  2. I love Black men! They are Fathers, Brothers, Husbands, Friends, and so much more. I love how they are not afraid to stand up for their families and that unique way they show us how much they love us. -LaTasha, Chattanooga
  3. Black men, I love that even in the face of injustice, oppression, and being told verbally and non-verbally that you’re not good enough, you continue to show up for yourself, your families, friends, and loved ones. I also love your swag; there is nothing more attractive! Yum! Tiffany, Chicago
  4. I love your creative ability to be successful in a society that does not always support you. I love your resilience. -LaQuise, Atlanta.
  5. I watch in awe of your ability not to allow statistics to determine your path to greatness! I love your resilience, creativity, and ability to reign as a leader when you are always doubted. -Yanci, Chicago
  6. I love your ability to press and survive under any and all conditions and have been for centuries . -Tiffany, Chicago
  7. Dear BLACK MEN: We WANT you!  We NEED you!  We LOVE you! -Kris, Chi-Bama
  8. Black Men Stay Strong and Continue to move forward Love Always. -Margo, Chicago
  9. Black Men, you are the thread that weaves through the fabric of our existence. As the HEAD, it is your guidance, love, strength, and sacrifice from which we thrive. -Nikki, McKinney
  10. I love your purpose and determination.  -Nikki, Chicago
  11. I love you for your leadership, courage, and resilience. Gloria, Dallas
  12. Dear Kings, Thank you for being fearless. Thank you for being a protector and provider. -Donna, Chicago
  13. I love that you take care, protect, and uplift those around you. -Abronia, Chicago
  14. I love your resilience and fighting spirit to be recognized as a man despite society’s attempt to destroy your spirit. -Dara, Plano
  15. I love the protection you provide to your family. I am proud of the strength you have as you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. -Harriet, Nashville
  16. They are amazed despite the constant weight on your shoulders, shackles around your feet and knees on your necks that you possess. But I know that it is God’s given strength born within you, which I Love, that allows you, My Kings, to reign Supreme. -Dnyce, Carrollton
  17. Simply put, I see you, Mr. Melanin! I see your strength, resilience, passion, and the struggle you endure daily. Know that I treasure everything about you from your dark skin to your scars and flaws “because, to me, you’re flawless!” -Nicole S., Chicago
  18. You cannot change the direction of the wind, but you can continue to learn, grow, and be strong. Even though it can be difficult at times, you are smarter, wiser, and stronger than most. -Tisha, Little Elm
  19. I love your wisdom and selflessness. Toneal, Chicago
  20. I love your perseverance and determination as a black man to protect what you love. -Alexandria, Chicago
  21. I love your intellect, your strength, and your resiliency. I love your strength that no one can ever take away from you. I love that you love God, your queen, and your family. I love you for being a protector, provider, and positive inspiration for everyone you come into contact with. Black man, I love you for you. -Nicole, Houston, TX
  22. Black Men, your drive and commitment to being seen and heard is empowering! I have your back today, tomorrow, and forever. -Bree, Chicago
  23. I am so proud of your commitment to the family. Shawn, New Orleans
  24. I love you for being a protector and provider. -T. A., Dallas
  25. Black man, I love your passion and independence. Stay Strong! -RoShana, Pine Lake, GA
  26. I love your strength and determination. -Paula, Chicago
  27. Black men, I love the way you love and protect your children, wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and community. -Danielle S, Chicago
  28. Black men, I love the way you innovate. The whole world wants to be like you because you are so cool. -Kia S, Chicago
  29. Dear black men, you are a beautiful thing. -Dawn, Chicago
  30. I could only truly love you, Black man. -Amanda, Chicago
  31. The essence of all of who you are gives life to my soul. -Tennille, Chicago
  32. I want to shield you from the woes of the world with my love & dedication. -Andrea H., Chicago
  33. I love the various skills you joyously share with your household; I love the confidence you model in being a father. -Ada, McKinney
  34. I love your resilience! -Heather, Chicago
  35. Your resilience and perseverance are unmatched. I love your creativity and humor. -Michelle, Chicago
  36. I need and trust you to lead your family. -Risha, Chicago
  37. You are everything, even when the world tells you that you are not. -Fe Marie, Chicago
  38. Brothers, remember the King that lives within YOU. Rise Black man rise!  Remember yourselves and return to your royal priesthood.  The world needs you.  We need you. Patrice, Woodbridge
  39. I love your determination and your willingness to overcome any obstacle.  -Ebonie, Chicago
  40. I love your creativity and resilience. -Andrea, Houston
  41. Your life is of the utmost importance! Never allow anyone to convince you otherwise! Your “blackness” does not erase your value. -Vaceythia, Houston
  42. I thank God for your strength, protection, charismatic, loving spirits. Stay strong and continue to walk with Pride and Dignity. -Yolanda, Mokena
  43. I love your confidence and swag—the passion you display for your people. You are handsome, sexy, and super intelligent! -Christina, Atlanta
  44. Let everyone who sees you fall, watch you get back up! -Michell, Hazel Crest
  45. I love that you are courageous, smart, and loving. We love you. We need you. -Tiffani, Chicago
  46. You are as courageous as a sled dog and as strong as a Dung Beetle. I love you. -Katherine, Chicago
  47. Resilience is in your DNA! -LaTongela, Chicago
  48. A black man is like a brick; together, we can create a building! -Angel, Calumet City
  49. I love you, and I need you to survive. -Morell, Chicago
  50. Black men, you are Kings, fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons. You are necessary for our lives. Continue to strive for excellence. We love you. -Jeneine, Chicago
  51. I am SO proud of you. -Tondréa, Chicago
  52. As a black Queen, it is my job to fix your crown when it tilts. I am here to help. I have your back. . -Niya, Whiting
  53. Hey Black Man, You matter to me. You are forever loved and supported. -Raven, Chicago
  54. I love the way you smell and the way you can rock a fresh haircut. -Brandie, Augusta
  55. Black men stand firm, keep the faith, and know that all things are possible with God, and all things will work out for the good of them who loves the Lord. You are amazing, remember that. -Petrice, Chicago
  56. You are a strong and intelligent black man. Be positive, and stay happy. Don’t let negativity or drama of the world get you down. -”Plazie,” Chicago
  57. You are Called, Chosen, and Commissioned by God! -Precious, Chicago
  58. What I love about you, black man, is your integrity, strength, soul, and how you take pride in your heritage no matter how hard it is for you to exist as a black man. -Nickie, Ft.Worth
  59. It is a blessing to have a man who makes you feel protected and allows you to feel comfortable in your skin. -Crystal, Chicago Ridge
  60. Dear Black Gentleman, I see that creativity, grit, and purpose. BY ALL MEANS, continue to flaunt it for all TO SEE! -Ebony, Marianna
  61. Black Man, The world may see you as everything but the King, conscience, loving, strong (not just physical) protector, teacher, lover, faithful, responsible, provider(not just monetary), builder, intelligent and visionary that you are, so no matter what society may think we Black women will cover you with the love form the depths of our souls  to keep your head held high. Much love Black Man. -Miss Strange, Chicago
  62. I am inspired by your endurance… keep going!-Ariana, Chicago
  63. A black man is a rarity among men. He is highly sought after, revered, and mighty above them all. Yes, you matter because you are God’s greatest achievement. -Amanda, Minnesota
  64. Black man, I love your creativity, gifts, and prestige. These are apart of your DNA. -Lynette, Minnesota
  65. When God said, “Let us make man in our image,” a black man’s worth was determined and realized. -AC, Minnesota
  66. Black Man, you are God’s greatest accomplishment. -Angie, Houston
  67. Dear Black King, REMEMBER the order of GOD! You are the most important piece. -Ebony, Marianna
  68. What I love about you is your resiliency, strong work ethic, and unwillingness to be broken! -LaQuantas, Montgomery
  69. I love that you can face the world with so much on your shoulders and still hold your head up. -Kimberly, Minnesota
  70. Dear black man, I love your resilience.  You always persevere despite the obstacles that the world tries to throw your way. Kimberly, Chicago
  71. Hey, black man. I encourage you.  I support you.  I nurture you. I protect you.  I SEE YOU. I HEAR YOU. I’M PROUD OF YOU. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE YOU.  WALK IN YOUR GREATNESS. I LOVE YOU. -KWAN, Jackson
  72. Hey, black man.  You have eternal love in your heart. -Mika, Houston
  73. Hey, black man. You are wonderfully made. -Veronica, Houston
  74. Black Man, I love and admire your unwavering Faith in God!! -Carla, Chicago
  75. I love your regality and vulnerability. -Je’Niece, Chicago
  76. With your beautiful, chocolate skin, I can’t help but love how you glide across the room, showing off your complete confidence, swagger, and style. Your intelligence is like no other, and your smile always melts my heart. -Edletha, Yokosuka, Japan
  77. Black man, You are misunderstood, feared, dehumanized, and a target. You are also loved, respected, needed, appreciated, and valued. We’ve always got your back. -Black woman
  78. SHE loves the way he supports her dreams and the way he has her back, so She doesn’t lack there. SHE loves how he provides for her, guides her, and stands right beside her. -She ROCKS it, Chicago
  79. Black man, you are my strength when things are heavy and my calm in a storm. -Tawana, Chicago
  80. You are my calm amidst devastation destruction and distractions. -Nene, Chicago
  81. Black men possess a unique strength and presence that no other species can comprehend. -Aria, Chicago
  82. I love your resilience, strength, and courage. -Teeshawn, Chicago
  83. No Matter how the world try’s to tip your Crown, YOU are unbreakable and Needed. -Celeste, Chicago
  84. I love your chocolate skin, beautiful mind, and strength. You’ve endured the wrongs that society has put upon you every day. -Sojourner, Chicago
  85. No matter what they do or say, don’t doubt your worth. There will always be someone who knows and appreciates your worth. Continue to stay STRONG. -Tanisha, Hillside
  86. Black man, you are powerful and resilient! I love the courage and the fight; you have to be all you are destined to be, no matter the obstacles that stand in your way. Christa, Chicago
  87. I love your strength and courage! I love your willingness to STAND for the integrity of our people!!! -Felicia, Chicago
  88. I love your organic communication. Your spirit of intention. -Tressa, Chicago
  89. Thank you, Black man, for never giving up! -Monique Lisa, NYC
  90. Black man, I love you for your outward strength even when you are hurting inside. I love your resilience, even when knocked down, you dust yourself off and try again. I love it, and I love you! -LaReese, Philadelphia
  91. I admire your confidence, resilience, and strength. Clem, Frisco
  92. Black man, you are unique and perfectly made. I admire your strength, courage & resilience. -Keturia, Grand Rapids
  93. No matter what, a Black man always watches like a lion. Mounts up and protects his family and friends.  But most of all, a Black man is loyal. -Mone’t, Dallas
  94. I love your resilience in light of all the trials and tribulations you have to endure. -Melissa, Chicago
  95. I am inspired by your innate ability to provide and protect your family in the face of obstacles and danger. -G.Day, Chicago
  96. I love your resilience and tenacity despite the odds! -Kimberly R., Chicago
  97. I love black men who show a dedicated commitment to show up for their communities consistently. -Raquel, Chicago
  98. I love how you keep pushing despite the odds. -Amora-Chicago
  99. You are loved, needed, valued, and respected. -Mel, Chicago
  100. I love your melanin; I love your style, I love your strength, I love your smile. -Carla C., Chicago


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