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Armed Criminal was with President Obama in Atlanta
The Secret Service has come under a torrential downpour of deserved criticism for major breaches in security of the highest order the last couple of weeks, and…
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WTH?!? George and Robert Zimmerman Compare Themselves to the ‘Royal Family’
Brothers say Trayvon’s Death was ‘like 9/11 for us.’ George and Robert Zimmerman are actually having delusions of grandeur on such levels that they compared…
Breaking: CDC Confirms 1st Case Of Ebola In U.S.
Agent Who Stopped White House Intruder Was Off-Duty



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Obama: Fighting Ebola Must Be A Global Priority
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says that in an interconnected world, outbreaks of deadly viruses like Ebola have the potential to affect every nation.…
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Sierra Leone Quarantines 2 Million To Fight Ebola
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — Sierra Leone on Thursday took the dramatic step of sealing off districts where more than 1 million people live as…
Red Cross Team Attacked While Burying Ebola Dead
US: Ebola cases could hit 1.4 million by mid-Jan.


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Rich Homie Quan’s Father Shot; Some Fans Blame the Rapper
Rich Homie Quan’s father, Corey Lamar, was reportedly shot several times during an attempted robbery on Sept. 29 on the west side of Atlanta. The…
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Meet Robert Pattinson’s Black Girlfriend, FKA Twig, Who’s Called a ‘Monkey’
Originally, Twilight heartthrob actor Robert Pattinson’s fans were enraged when his former live-in girlfriend and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart cheated on him with a married…
‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Broke DVR Records, Too
Voter Suppression Update


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Reports: WH Intruder Gets Past Front Door
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington Post and New York Times say the intruder who climbed a fence made it farther inside the White House than…
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Ferguson Demands High Fees To Turn Over City Files
WASHINGTON (AP) — Officials in Ferguson, Missouri, are charging nearly 10 times the cost of some of their own employees’ salaries before they will agree…


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FAA Orders Review In Chicago Air Traffic Snarl
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing security practices and how it deals with unexpected incidents throughout its air traffic control facilities following…
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US Consumer Sentiment Index Reaches 14-Month High
WASHINGTON (AP) — A measure of U.S. consumer confidence reached its highest level since July 2013, led by greater optimism that the economy will grow…
US Bank Refunding $48M To Credit Card Customers
Chrysler Recalls Vehicles To Fix Ignition Switches


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NBA Analyst Kenny Smith Gets a Reality Show on TBS
*Cameras will follow NBA player-turned-analyst Kenny Smith and his family around for a new TBS reality show titled “The Smiths.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will highlight the goings on of smith and his wife, “The Price Is Right” model Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith, and their blended family of five kids, who range in age […]
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The Bears Defense Goes Rouge in Blowout Loss to Arch Rival Packers, 38-17
Now before I cross over the yellow tape into the crime scene which was the Green Bay Packers 38-17 slaughter of the Chicago Bears, can…
Atlanta Hawks Finally Meet with Civil Rights Groups Over Racist Remarks
Dressing Like a Stereotypical Black Person Not Allowed At Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant?


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Obama: Fighting Ebola Must Be A Global Priority
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says that in an interconnected world, outbreaks of deadly viruses like Ebola have the potential to affect every nation.…
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Gov. Quinn Proclaims “First Ladies Health Day” in Illinois
Pastors’ wives, better known as First Ladies, have more influence over their church’s congregations than they realize, said Tracey Alston, executive director of the First…
Sierra Leone Quarantines 2 Million To Fight Ebola
Red Cross Team Attacked While Burying Ebola Dead


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Obama: Mistrust Of Police Corroding American Society
WASHINGTON (AP) — The widespread mistrust of law enforcement that was exposed by the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in Missouri exists…


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Meet The Characters From Starz’s “Survivors Remorse”
Basketball is coming to the Starz Network in the form of a new show called “Survivor’s Remorse.” The show tells the comedic story of a…


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New Book Helps Pastors Discover More Leaders Within the Church
Dr. Jeanne Porter King’s newest book, “Building a Church Full of Leaders,” is written like a guide to help pastors unleash their members’ hidden gifts…
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Chicago’s Mayor Supports Southside Pastor’s New Building Project
Pastor John F. Hannah of New Life Covenant Church has big plans for the South Side of Chicago and Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony was just the…


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Illinois election attack ads: Which parts are true?
The Illinois gubernatorial election is well under way, and both candidates are putting their best arguments forward. But sometimes their best arguments for their own…
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Chicago Joins Growing List Of U.S. Cities Vowing To End Veteran Homelessness
A city known for its deep dish pizza and windy weather wants another claim to fame: a community without a single homeless vet. On Sept.…


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Drake Mocks Chris Brown; Talks Rihanna Relationship [VIDEO]
  As the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour begins to wind down, the two Young Money superstars engaged in a mini-dance battle featuring Chris Brown‘s…
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Don’t Demonize Difference
By Dr. Gail Parker “Rather than demonize difference, yoga invites us to engage, embrace, and celebrate it. Yoga means union, the connection of body, heart,…


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Secretary of State Jesse White Talks Politics: ‘Profaning Harold Washington’
Were Harold Washington around today, I believe he would see Rauner’s false promises and phony ploys from a mile away. What’s more, I believe he…
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Obama Predicts Democrats Will Hold The Senate In November
President Barack Obama said that he thinks Democrats can maintain control of the Senate and defended his administration’s record during an interview with “60 Minutes”…



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