Andrea Zopp U.S. Senate candidate (D-Chicago)
Andrea Zopp U.S. Senate candidate (D-Chicago)

For Immediate Release

Andrea Zopp Statement upon learning that Mondolez will move 600 good paying jobs from Chicago to Mexico

I was disheartened and disappointed with the recent announcement that one of our state’s significant corporate citizens has decided to disinvest in our people and communities. Mondelez Corp., who paid its CEO $21 million last year, announced that it is removing 600 good paying jobs from Chicago’s southwest side and moving them to Mexico. As an experienced business leader, I understand a company’s obligation to provide value to its shareholders. But we need to do more to create an environment that encourages investment and discourages retreat.

Nabisco’s 100 year history of success was built on the skill of its workforce and on public investment – on the education that its skilled workforce brought to the job; on the public roads that transport its products; on the public services that patrol our streets and protect product and worker alike. I am running for Senate because rather than providing tax breaks for offshoring, we need to reward companies for maintaining and growing sustainable jobs; for loyalty to the workers and communities that provide their companies’ profits, and for salary structures where the benefits of productivity are shared not only at the top, but by all.

We tell our young people to stay in school, work hard and they will find opportunity for a better life. But our words ring hollow when companies abandon highly productive workers in favor of unskilled workers in other countries whom they can pay $2.00 an hour. While America’s security depends in part on a strong military, our fundamental strength comes from our ability to live up to our promise as a land of opportunity for all. I’ve had that opportunity.

I’m going to the U.S. Senate to make certain that others have it as well.


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