Zopp Calls Out Democratic Senate Campaign Committee

Andrea Zopp U.S. Senate candidate (D-Chicago)
Andrea Zopp U.S. Senate candidate (D-Chicago

Dr. Leon Finny
Dr. Leon Finney

Zopp for Senate Campaign responds to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee’s announcement of their endorsement of Tammy Duckworth

“Frankly I’m saddened and shocked that the DSCC would issue an endorsement without even interviewing me. I don’t know if it comes from their fear of me having raised in only two weeks nearly ¾ of what their candidate raised in two months…or their total insensitivity to Chicago, African American women and the democratic process,” said Andrea Zopp.

While Zopp has not yet formally announced, over the past three weeks during which she has explored the viability of running, she has raised nearly $700,000 and broad-based support.
Long-time political activist Leon Finney, who has been part of Zopp’s exploratory committee, added his comments.
“Actually we found the DSCC endorsement a sign of weakness and by the way not a little insensitive,” said Finney. “ The fact that the DSCC would make an endorsement while totally ignoring, interviewing or even reaching out to an exceptional, experienced, self-made African-American female candidate who in just over two weeks has raised two-thirds as much as their ‘chosen one’ demonstrates how totally out of touch Washington-centered politics are with the nation.
Having lived in Illinois since she completed Harvard Law School, Ms. Zopp has served as the first female, First Assistant State’s Attorney, General Counsel for some of the nation’s leading corporations, Executive Director of the Chicago Urban League and served on wide variety of boards and commissions. Ms. Zopp is married and has one daughter.


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