Zimmerman Jurors Release Statement: B37 Doesn’t Speak For Us


The woman, known only as juror B37, has caused quite a stir since an appearance on AC360, during which she voiced sympathy for killer George Zimmerman. Clearly a Zimmerman supporter, she coldly claimed that 17-year-old Trayvon Martin played a role in his own murder, that she was certain that the former neighborhood kill captain was in fear for his life and that it was his voice that was heard screaming on the 911 tape.

In light of the negative backlash that followed that interview, 4 of the other Zimmerman jurors have released a statement making it clear that B37 is in no way a spokesperson for the jury:

“We, the undersigned jurors, understand there is a great deal of interest in this case. But we ask you to remember that we are not public officials and we did not invite this type of attention into our lives,” they said.

“We also wish to point out that the opinions of Juror B37, expressed on the Anderson Cooper show were her own, and not in any way representative of the jurors listed below.”

Read complete statement here.[2]

As previously reported by NewsOne[3], Twitter user @MoreandAgain[4]launched a one-woman social media campaign that forced publisher

Read our exclusive interview with @MoreandAgain here[5].

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