June Ward lived for her 4-year-old son and she worked two jobs to take care of him.
June Ward lived for her 4-year-old son and she worked two jobs to take care of him.


June ward  was an exception young mother at  21-years-old.  She worked two jobs to take care of she and her 4 year old son.  Unfortunately she was  found lying on a CTA Brown Line platform in the Loop early Saturday dead of natural causes, according to Cook County authorities.

She was identified by authorities  as June Ward, of the 3800 block of West 63rd Street in the West Lawn neighborhood.

According to the Cook County medical examiner’s office ruling Sunday an autopsy indicated that Ms Ward died of pulmonary thromboembolism and deep vein thrombosis. These two conditions are linked, according to the Mayo Clinic. Blood clots form in the legs and can then travel to the lungs and cause a blockage in a pulmonary artery.

The autopsy also showed That Ms. Ward was pregnant. The pregnancy was listed as a secondary factor in her death.
Ms. Ward was found lying on the platform floor by CTA employees who immediately  called police to the Washington and Wells station around 7 a.m. on Saturday.  Ms. Ward was unresponsive when discovered. She was headed to one of her jobs as a customer service representative early Saturday morning, according to Ward’s sister, Cenettra Ward. She never made it.
Cenettra Ward, 41, said her sister had recently undergone major surgery for blood clot issues and that authorities told her family that June Ward “collapsed” on the platform.
June Ward was devoted to her 4 year old son, Jamael.“That was her everything,” Cenettra Ward said. “It was too soon for her to go back to work but she was going to take care of that baby,” Cenettra Ward said of her baby sister.
June Ward also worked as a hostess at Red Lobster, her sister said.
“My baby did what she had to do to take care of her baby,” she said.
Now, Cenettra Ward said, the tight-knit family will care for the young boy.

 The Police said Ward was not hit by a train but  her body showed signs of “possible trauma.”

On Sunday Officer Veejay Zala, a police spokesman, said  that detectives were continuing to investigate Ward’s death but it was not immediately clear how the determination from the medical examiner would affect that investigation.
“The ruling just came down so it may take a while for us to render a decision on what to do with that case,” Zala said.


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