Young Chicago Filmmakers Showcase Their Work, Saturday at Chatham Theater

This past summer, young filmmakers, ages 14 to 24, participated in a script competition where they were able to direct a short film. Now, nearly two months later, their hard work will pay off as they are set to make their feature debuts Saturday, Oct.14, 3pm at the Chatham Theater on Chicago’s Southside.

This year, “Flip The Script,” a film fellowship program, powered by the nonprofit True Star Media will celebrate the meteoric rise of two young, avant-garde filmmakers who have lived the cinematic process. For 21-year-old Miles Guichard, and 23-year-old Kayla Onyeali, this is all a dream.

“Having my short film played at the same theater that I use to go to all the time as a kid with my dad and my family is pretty surreal. After we watched the movie, we’d always walk out reviewing it, those experiences were part of the reason I fell in love with the film. This time we get to walk out of the theater and talk about my film.” says Kayla, 1st place winner of Flip The Script 2023 Season.  

“The Altering,” a psychological thriller crafted by our first-place winner, 23-year-old Kayla Onyeali, is designed to challenge, and enlighten audiences long after the credits roll.

These young people have mastered the intricate art of directing and storytelling, and are ready to captivate audiences with their original narratives. 

The second film making its debut is “Just In Time.” This comedy short, infused with infectious humor and wit is the brainchild of our second-place winner, 21-year-old Miles Guichard. “My experience with Flip the Script has been life changing. Thanks to them, I’ve been given the opportunity to continue my directing career with Howard University’s Film Organization (HUFO). I was able to use clips from my film to showcase my work which helped me secure a position as director for HUFO’s flagship series “Where’s Everybody At”. My career as a director is just beginning, and there’s no other place I would have rather it started than at Flip the Script powered by True Star,” says Miles Guichard. 

Lending her talent to both films is the breakout star of Showtime’s “The Chi,” Genesis Denise Hale, best known as Maisha on the hit drama series produced by Emmy Award Winning Writer Lena Waithe.

Event Highlights:

Guests can expect a vibrant red-carpet experience, offering a chance to take photos with emerging film talents and seasoned industry professionals. Following the screenings, dive into engaging panel discussions that promise to provide deep insights into the young filmmakers’ journey and their process.

About Flip The Script Film Fellowship:

Emerging from the synergistic partnership between True Star Media, The WordSmith Writer’s Lab, and Reel World Chicago, the “Flip The Script” Film Fellowship is a testament to the power of collective dreams. With a mission to amplify fresh, youthful voices, these organizations have curated an immersive rapid-learning experience where cinematic genius is nurtured, celebrated, and unveiled. 

True Star Media: True Star Media empowers underserved youth to forge their own paths by providing jobs, training, and real world work experiences that teaches them to create, develop, and market digital content on platforms that celebrate their perspectives and identity. 

The WordSmith Writer’s Lab: A boutique screenwriting and film production education company where writers learn to craft, pitch and produce stories that help them script their success in Hollywood and beyond. 

Reel World Chicago: A residential cinematography apprenticeship program where certified instructors teach in-demand video production, editing skills and help young cinematographers build a professional portfolio that leads to jobs and opportunities.

Experience this cinematic delight firsthand! For tickets and details, visit the True Star Eventbrite or get in touch at

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