Worth Lickin’ Your Fingers: Chicago Top Five BBQ Joints

Top Five BBQ Joints

Whether it’s rib tips, hot links or the mild sauce (a Chicago thing)—Chicago has become dominant in the BBQ game. Outside of how the meat is smoked or grilled, if you don’t have a good sauce game to soak up them fries—you are out of your league. Check out our Top picks from Chicago Black owned establishments and carry outs.

1. Lem’s

311 E. 75th St. | Chicago, IL 60619

Closed Tues. | Closes at 1am (Mon-Thurs), 3am (Fri & Sat)

2. Ex-Senators

3349 W. 159th St. | Markham, IL 60426

Daily Closes at 10pm | CASH ONLY

3.Alice’s Bar-B-Que

65 E. 43rd St. | Chicago, IL 60653

Daily Closes at 1am

4. Honey 1 BBQ

746 E. 43rd St. | Chicago, IL 60653

Daily Closes at 9:30pm

5.Uncle J’s on 47th

502 E. 47th St. | Chicago, IL 60615

Daily Closes at 9pm

Make sure to tell us your favorite Chicago area Black-owned BBQ joint and why by commenting to this post or visit our Chicago Defender facebook page. We would love to hear your feedback. 


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