Workbox Names Tim King to it’s Board of Advisors

Workbox recently selected Tim King, Founder, President, and CEO of Urban Prep academies, to its Board of Advisors.  John Wallace is excited about the addition of Mr. King.  He will spearhead Workbox’s diversity initiative both internally and externally.  Mr. King will help Workbox make meaningful connections that will have a positive impact on the Chicago community. Mr. King knows about creating access for Chicago’s black community with his vast network.  He founded the Urban Prep Academies non-profit organization that operates a network of public college-boys schools in Chicago.  Mr. King will help bridge the gap between Workbox and all the amazingly talented individuals across Chicago.  Having someone as talented and accomplished as Tim King will significantly provide a new perspective to the Board of Advisors.  Mr. King’s community outreach and network will be a great addition to the team at Workbox.

Workbox, a Chicago-based co-working space, has offices in River North, Gold Coast, and West Loop neighborhoods. Workbox has two membership types. The single entrepreneur membership provides a satellite office and networking opportunities, and the accelerator membership includes assistance with access to capital, recruiting, mentorship, and additional resources needed to succeed.  John Wallace, CEO of Workbox, is serious about diversity internally and externally. Since 2019, Workbox has been dedicated to creating a community of innovative and successful entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.  He knows Chicago is full of talented, intelligent, and creative people.

Workbox must attract and retain a diverse group of people.  When you have people in leadership positions with diverse backgrounds, you can tap into their resources.  This leads to diverse opinions decision-making, which ultimately leads to better opportunities.  By creating a diverse and inclusive working environment, you build bridges within the different communities.

It is also essential to create a safe space for open dialogue.  The team’s mission at Workbox is to create a diverse environment internally and with the members.  When you hire a diverse team, employees feel comfortable talking to other people that look like them.  The management team should create an open space for feedback and special programs.  Investing in a diverse board allows you to tap into their resources and the benefits of the whole organization.

After pay and compensation, employees should feel like they are a part of a more significant movement.  When employees believe in the organization’s vision, this typically leads to lower turnover rates and more employees who believe in the values and culture of the organization.  Since the public unrest of 2020 and more awareness of the racial inequities that exist in the country, more companies have started to focus on their diversity efforts.  Many people think this is a fad, and the excitement will die down in a few years.  Mr. Wallace does not think this is a fad.  Eliminating thirty to fifty percent of the population does not make sense.  You will miss out on opportunities in the market with a close mind.  We must keep the momentum going.  The black and brown communities must insist on diversity and inclusion and keep these companies accountable.

Theresa Horton is a contributing writer for the Chicago Defender. Find her on social media @passionateresources. 



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