Woman Attends Her Own Wake…While She’s Alive! (Hmm…Interesting. Not As Creepy As If She Was Dead!)


I sure hope you won’t judge me too harshly here. But wouldn’t you be even slightly interested in knowing exactly who would show up at  your final farewell?

What better way to know than to have it before you’re gone. Don’t you wonder if nosey ass “Brenda” who never did like you anyway would all of a sudden get a rush of sorrow and come? Or what about Miranda? She’d probably be the first one screaming and hollerin’ with her phony ass.

Then there’s your ex, Billy – who would probably have the nerve to show up with his new woman because she’s probably as insecure as he is; and she wants to see that you’re dead with her own eyes.

That’s why you probably shouldn’t throw your nose up at the idea of planning your party now. While you can be here to appreciate it, and it can be done on your own terms.

Like Karil Harrington did.

Harrington, a nurse, may be on to something. She staged one helluva party for herself called, “Rave Before the Grave.” And I hear they partied hard. No tears were allowed. And, although the attendees knew their loved one would soon be gone, they were glad she was there with them to hear them say goodbye.
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