With Darkness came love

We have seen the beauty of the human spirit when adversity arrives to shake us and deliver us from evil.
Often it takes a personal tragedy or in this instance a hurricane to awaken the human spirit.
We see it, as we reach out to embrace others in need.
And in these moments, I feel the most alive, and in brotherhood with mankind`s spirit of love.

With darkness came love

Out of the darkness there came love, so easy when there’s fear.
So easy when all hope is lost, when all that’s left is love.
When all we see is a bitter ending, our pettiness gone with our egos.
So hard it seems, when we have all things, that separates each other.
Like money, power and material things, valueless in the end. But what we cling on to as a badge of worth.
And here we are, stripped down to nothing, just humans one and all.
A common bond, in ones struggle to survive, is to love one another.
It comes to us freely, as a breath of air, as to a child without thought.
Here we are again, pressed to the wall, with all hope dashed away by mother nature.
And all we have is each other, and the courage to trod on together.
Love, the bond that hold us close, not religion, not color, not tribe, but love for the human race.
It`s these times, that I can see the beauty in us, and think there is hope.
I see it clearly now, without all the trappings of the ego, naked as a child, the way god wanted us to be.

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