Willie Wilson To Distribute Five Million Face Masks Saturday around the City of Chicago

Former mayoral candidate, Rev. Dr. Willie Wilson, will be distributing five million face masks, the largest donation of face masks to the citizens of Illinois this Saturday to help stop the spread of COVID-19 at churches on the South and West Side on Saturday.
The following locations are:
Mt. Vernon Baptist Church (parking lot) at 2622 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL, from 8:00, am-noon.
Apostolic Church of God (parking lot) at 6320 S. Dorchester, Chicago, IL 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.
House of Hope (parking lot) at 752 E. 114th Street, Chicago, IL 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm.
Wilson says, “This is personal to me; I have lost nine ministers and friends to COVID-19. Nevertheless, I thank God for his amazing grace and unspeakable gift. God does not make mistakes. Our God has blessed me with the resources to make this historic donation of five million face masks to help save lives and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”
“It is well-documented that there is a shortage of face masks and other personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and the general public. I am moved by compassion and a deep sense of responsibility to step up and make this donation to help my neighbors in Chicago and throughout Illinois,” says Wilson.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Wilson had donated more than two million face masks to the City of Chicago, Mount Sinai Hospital, Jackson Park Hospital, the Chicago Transit Authority, Cook County Jail, Chicago Firefighters, Fraternal Order of Police, 75 senior citizens homes, the Westside NAACP, and 22 community organizations. He has also donated one million dollars to help 1,000 churches.


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