White people lost their minds on Twitter when they learned slaves built White House

First lady Michelle Obama’s majestic speech at the Democratic National Convention was instantly classic and legendary. The part, in particular, where Obama said she woke up every night in a White House that was built by slaves, was like a fastball under the chin. It put many ignorant whites on their backs, most particularly Fox News’ redneck anchor Bill O’Reilly, who obviously had to go back and do his homework and see that, indeed, slaves built the White House.
Of course, O’Reilly could not leave it there. With great condescension and smugness in his grill, he reported to his audience that the slaves “ate well and had descent lodging.”
Decent lodging?!?! Are you kidding me? I can’t believe those words escaped through the hole in his face and polluted the airwaves.
At the same time, many whites could not believe what the first lady said about the White House’s origins and that, worse, it turned out to be true.
Take a look at some of the most hilarious and puzzling responses to Michelle Obama’s correct statement that the president’s home was built by slaves.

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