White House Fires Back At Hypocritical Republicans Who Criticized Student Loan Forgiveness

President Joe Biden made good on a campaign promise by announcing the White House’s student loan forgiveness program. The historic plan will forgive up to $20,000 for borrowers and the payment freeze was extended until 2023.

However, Biden faced criticism from several Republican leaders who were critical of the plan which will help over 40 million Americans.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shared her thoughts on NewsMax by saying, “For our government just to say, ‘OK, well your debt is completely forgiven’…it’s completely unfair. And taxpayers all over the country, taxpayers that never took out a student loan, taxpayers that pay their bills and maybe even never went to college and are just hardworking people, they shouldn’t have to pay off the great big student loan debt for some college student that piled up massive debt going to some Ivy League school. That’s not fair.”

The White House Twitter account responded by posting that Greene’s PPP Loans of $183,504 were forgiven.

They also took aim at other Republicans such as Rep. Vern Buchanan of Florida who said, “Biden’s reckless, unilateral student loan giveaway is unfair to the 87 percent of Americans without student loan debt and those who played by the rules.”

The White House responded by saying Buchanan had over $2.3 million in PPP loans forgiven.

The exchanges shed light on the hypocrisy of some lawmakers who have received financial support from the government, but are critical when citizens receive support.

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