When You Are Busted With Another Woman By Your Girlfriend What Can You Do? Ask Dr. Karen!

When You Need Some Advice Don’t Ask Twice… Ask Dr. Karen!
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Dear Dr. Karen:
My girlfriend stopped by my house to visit and I told her I was going to bed early. She must have suspected something and came back and found a woman in my house. We have been cheating for about a year. The other woman didn’t know either. My girlfriend cursed me up and down and then left. On the way out she keyed my car. Then, the other lady cursed me out and left. She could not believe that I would do this to her.
I never went after the other woman. She came after me. I backed off several times, but she kept coming so I gave in. She asked me several times if I was seeing someone and I said I had a friend but nothing heavy.
My girlfriend knew something was up. She kept telling me if I wasn’t interested in someone else to just tell her. But I didn’t want to lose her. This incident has made me realize that my girlfriend is the one I need in my life but she may never speak to me again. My question is how do I get her back?
                                                                        Love Lost
 Dear Love Lost:
You kept this a secret from two women for a year? You are scandalous. You have lied and cheated and you have the nerve now to come to your senses?You got caught and would still be cheating if your girlfriend hadn’t caught you. You blame the other woman even though you lied to her. That woman thought she had a boyfriend, when all you were doing was using her for sex.
If you don’t suffer the consequences you won’t learn not to do this again. You will learn you can’t cheat and get away with it.
Your ego and lust have probably cost you the love of your life.
***Why can’t we just be honest? If we want to date other people and don’t want an exclusive relationship just say so!
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