When Strangers Dance

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Often dreams are all we have to lead us on in life.
Dreams that fill our hope our tears as the world moves slowly on.
Simple dreams of romance of laughter filled with hope.
Hope to find someone to love as shadows dim our hope.
I wrote this poem years ago it leaves me filled with joy that somewhere someone wrote me and said this was once my life.
I read your poem and took a chance and went out to a dance.
And there I met a lovely lady waiting for a dance.
I told her of your poem she laughed and thought it was a joke.
Then next time we met for a dance I showed her what you wrote.
Thank you stranger for your help to push me out the door.
Such is the joy of writing you never know who’s life you touch.

When Strangers Dance
Reflections dance on the walls from a mirrored ball.
As couples come to find a dream as the clock ticks on.
When stranger’s meet and share a dance as the mist rolls in.
One moments shared in the dark, as the band plays on,
a moments all it takes to feel alive again.
One touch so rare in the dark between two lonely souls.
A sad refrain from the pain, as the music slowly plays.
Two strangers at a dance, a chance to find someone.
A chance to hold someone near if only for a dance.
A little word to say hello, a hand to guide the way.
And off they walk hand in hand, for a lonely dance.
Two strangers come to a dance, alone for oh so long.
A dream of hope comes to mind, as they slowly dance.
A dream of what might be, if dream’s do come true.
And as the music slowly play’s, the lonely slowly dance.
One step then two a nervous hand, eyes too shy look down.
A world brand new comes alive, as dreams are realized.
A touch, one touch to free the heart, of a lonely life.
One small hand, to help ease the lonely pain.
Two strangers, dancing hand in hand, eyes look to the ground.
The sadness, that they both share, slowly disappears.
As the music slowly plays, a voice begins to sing along.
And soon the melody is hummed, as dreams come into play.
And as the ball reflects the past, on the old dark walls.
Two strangers, share a little glance, a smile to say hello.
And as the music plays on and on, they hum and sing along.
As the ball turn’s round and round, a magic fills the room.
Soon their eyes slowly rise, and share a glance or two.
When strangers share a dance, with dreams to guide them on.
One moment all alone, and then a soft slow song.
Then, a moments nervous glance, to say I like that too.
A little laugh, a little sigh, a little friendly hug.
And eyes come up, to share a laugh,and say I like you too.
When strangers meet and share a dance dreams do come true.

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