What Do You Expect When You Move In With A Man Who Promises You Nothing? Ask Dr. Karen


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Dear Dr. Karen:
Several months ago, I met a man at a conference who is seemingly one of a kind. He is considerate, open, and financially stable. Recently, he invited me to move to the city where he lives and stay with him until I find an apartment and a job. I accepted and we now live together.
While at his apartment, I saw an e-mail he sent to a friend. I know I broke the trust rule by reading it. From what I can see, it sounds like he wants to keep his options open with her.
I was starting to have feelings for him before I read the e-mail. Now I don’t know. I feel lucky to have found someone like him, but now I wonder if he feels the same?
                                                                  ~ Snoopy
Dear Snoopy:
So, you left your home, job, family and friends to move in with a man that you barely knew. He offered you nothing but a bed and you jumped into it.
 If you go looking for trouble it will find you. Something in his recent behavior caused you to look at the e-mail. You wonder if he has feelings for you, now you know.
if you allow him to determine the course of your relationship, he has all the power. He will do what he wants to do. You will not be treated with respect because you are not treating yourself with respect.
What do you expect when you move in with a man who promises you nothing? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.
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