Wendy's: Oh no they didn't


Fast food workers demanding $15 minimum wage increase
Wendy’s, America’s 5th largest fast food restaurant in terms of sales, according to Nation’s Restaurant News has a response to the $15 per hour minimum wage hike. Fire workers: hire robots! The Chicago Defender warned this was coming when we published the story about Eatsa; the new, fully-automated, fast food restaurant that recently debuted in California.

Read the story here: https://chicagodefender.com/2016/03/29/automation-takes-over-fast-food-restaurant/

Wendy’s President and Chief Financial Officer, Todd Penegor, stated the sweeping move is an effort to counteract minimum wage hikes. The new technology will debut in 6,000-plus, company-owned stores by the second half of this year he told Investor’s Business Daily (IBD). It will be up to individual franchise owner to employ the technology in their own stores he said.

Automation or robotic technology offers employers the competitive leverage against government mandated minimum wages and traditional labor is facing a new foe: digital reality. “How do you fight against a code?” asked community activist Harding. “You can’t. If employees want to ditch human beings in favor of a $10,000 machine that’s never late: Who’s gonna stop them?”
According to Franchising.com, technology is becoming a key ingredient in operating the entire restaurant industry. Everything from scheduling shifts to ordering ingredients, software can now provide the answers. It can even order tomatoes and hamburger buns when running low by utilizing inventory tracking software.
Introduced first at ATMs, the U.S. post office, and grocery stores; the public is now well versed with self-serving kiosks and technology driven transactions. McDonald’s, Burger King, and Carl Jr’s are reportedly experimenting with their own concepts of merging this robotic technology with their individual brands.
Will consumers continue to welcome and accept this technology as it makes it’s way into every facet of our daily lives.? Stay tuned as this trend continues to gain momentum.


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