Welcome to Fatherhood Inc.: Celebrating, Enriching and Empowering Fathers

Welcome to Fatherhood Inc., or WTF for short, is a non-profit organization founded by Sir Royce Briales and Raheem Young. Its aim is to empower dads of all ages to demonstrate their superpowers to the world.

The idea sprang from conversations about the challenges and anxieties Briales and Young faced as they awaited the arrival of their first children. In response, they established WTF as a platform for new and experienced fathers to share their parenting journeys.

“The mission of Welcome To Fatherhood is to empower and support fathers on their journey through parenthood by providing resources, community and advocacy. Our vision is to create a world where every father feels confident, supported, and celebrated as a parent,” Briales said.

WTF supports and empowers fathers in their journey through parenthood by providing a platform for them to share their experiences and connect with other dads. It fosters a supportive community where fathers can discuss the challenges and joys of fatherhood.

“We support and empower fathers through various means, including providing informational resources, hosting community events and workshops, offering peer support groups, and advocating for policies that promote fathers’ rights and involvement in parenting,” said Briales.

WTF’s support has profoundly impacted the fathers in their program, illustrating the meaningful difference such involvement can make in their lives and relationships.

“We have received numerous testimonials from fathers who have been positively impacted by Welcome To Fatherhood’s resources and community. Fathers have shared stories of finding valuable support and encouragement from other fathers, gaining valuable parenting insights and feeling more confident in their role as a parent after engaging with Welcome To Fatherhood.”


Sir Royce Briales and Raheem Young of Welcome To Fatherhood, Inc.

Sir Royce Briales and Raheem Young of Welcome To Fatherhood, Inc. (Credit: Welcome To Fatherhood, Inc.).

WTF addresses the challenges and experiences fathers may encounter in today’s society through various means. It also provides a supportive platform where dads can openly discuss their concerns, share advice and celebrate their achievements in parenthood. Through these initiatives, WTF strives to foster a sense of camaraderie among fathers and empower them to embrace their roles with confidence and resilience.

“For society, we address the unique challenges and experiences that fathers may encounter by providing resources and support relevant to their needs. This includes addressing issues such as work-life balance, co-parenting dynamics, mental health, and societal expectations of Fatherhood,” Briales said.

The organization also offers a range of resources and support tailored to fathers’ needs, including workshops, educational materials and community events. Fathers can access these resources through the WTF site, attend local events, and participate in online forums and discussions.

Briales added, “We foster a sense of community among fathers through online forums, social media groups, and local meetups. We also host regular events and workshops where fathers can connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.”

Briales and Young will also help address issues related to fatherhood diversity by actively acknowledging and embracing social change, LGBTQ+ fatherhood, and other men’s alliances.

“There is a commitment to addressing diversity and inclusivity issues in fatherhood. We recognize and celebrate the diversity of fatherhood experiences, including cultural differences, LGBTQ+ fatherhood, and other underrepresented groups. Our resources and support are inclusive and accessible to all fathers, regardless of background or identity,” Briales said.

Looking ahead, some of Welcome To Fatherhood’s goals and future initiatives include expanding their reach to serve more fathers globally, partnering with organizations to advocate for fathers’ mental health and continuing to provide innovative resources and support to meet their evolving needs in today’s society.

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