‘Wearing Purple for a Purpose’ 1st Purple Hose and Heels 5K Domestic Violence Charity Event

domestic violence

Latrice Mosley-Smith,the founder of the brand Haute Fishnet Hosiery (www.hautehosiery.com) — wants women to slip on a pair of purple hosiery, find a pair of comfortable heels to walk a mile in a survivor’s shoes, “We can sacrifice walking in high heels and feeling a little uncomfortable when the survivors have endured abuse for weeks, months and even years, “Mosley-Smith said.

W h e n: S a t u r d a y , O c t o b e r 18 t h .
On-site Registration:8:00am ($25 Fee)

5K Run Begins: 9:45am-1:00pm

Where: Walking Trail behind the Target Store (4647PromenadeWay,Matteson,IL 60443)

Latrice admits that she has never been a victim of domestic violence however she did witness her father abuse her mother for several years, “I saw the bruises around her neck, I saw the black eyes, I saw the tears rolling down her face,” she says. “This is the greatest honor I can give in my mother’s memory.” Note that every year more than 3 million children witness domestic violence; 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime; and most domestic violence incidents are never reported.

Latrice says both happily and sad that her mother now deceased, survived the abuse, by finding the inner strength to leave her husband. Her heroic stance to facing the fears that accompany the physical, emotional and mental abuse  after dealing with such a tumultuous relationship inspired Latrice to organize The Purple Hose and Heels 5K.

Her passion and enthusiasm with a proven track record of success with whatever she touches earned her sponsorship support from Target. Net proceeds will benefit SSFS.

It’s not too late if you missed the early bird registration. Just show up Saturday at 8 a.m., be ready to go and have your pumps and hose.


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