Watch Over Me brings Safer Streets to Chicago

The Safer Streets app -mobile alerts can decrease/stop
The Safer Streets app -mobile alerts can decrease/stop

Watch Over Me brings Safer Streets to Chicago to Tackle Street Crime

Watch Over Me, has announced the pilot launch of its Safer Streets feature in Chicago to help make information about crime and safety more timely and relevant for everyone. Using information provided by the city of Chicago’s data portal, the Safer Streets engine adds safety ratings to streets in Chicago and sends alerts to its users who enter streets that have recently seen a spike in criminal activity.

Watch Over Me is a personal safety app that is currently used by 200,000 people from over 80 countries. The pilot of its Safer Streets engine is now available to thousands of its users commuting around Chicago. Watch Over Me CEO and co-founder Xin-Ci Chin launched Watch Over Me after escaping a carjacking attempt 3 years ago. She said, “Street crime affects women in every city in the world. But information about it – where it happened, who it happened to, what exactly happened – exists in gigantic spreadsheets and confusing maps. We want to make this useful to people, and we’re delivering it in the form of a simple alert on your smartphone when you’re in an area that may be unsafe.”

The Safer Streets engine will also incorporate data from social media and user-generated reports to continually refine its ratings system. The feature is currently in public beta for users in Chicago, with 5 more US cities in the pipeline in the coming weeks. You can also vote for your city to be added to the Safer Streets pipeline at

About Watch Over Me
Watch Over Me is a personal safety app dedicated to helping women move about safely and helping them alert their loved ones if they are ever attacked or assaulted. The app watches the user over for a specified time frame, alerting emergency contacts if the user does not check in when time is up. The company aims to make crime and safety-related data transparent and relevant worldwide by adding safety ratings to streets. For further information, visit the company’s official website at or contact Alla Berdnikova at

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