Watch Now: The Sharon Reed Show – Episode One: The Real Fani Willis

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The Sharon Reed Show is a dynamic and insightful podcast. Each 15-minute episode delves into topics and issues that are typically ignored by mainstream media or reported through a filter that lack cultural insights. Reed provides listeners with news and information designed to uplift, inform, and inspire the Black community and all those who seek a deeper understanding of its vibrant and rich tapestry. Listen to The Sharon Reed Show on all your favorite Podcast Networks.

About this Episode:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her team structured a 41-count indictment against Former President Trump and 18 advisers. Media reports and personal attacks have tried to portray Willis in terms that don’t align with who she is.  Sharon Reed gives us a glimpse and insight into the Real Fani Willis, The Sharon Reed Show. Just give her 15-minutes.

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