Waka Flocka May Face Prison After Tammy Posts Photo of Gun

waka gun
This is when keeping it real — or trying to act gangsta — goes very wrong.
After Waka Flocka Flame’s wife, Tammy Rivera, had her ponytail yanked out at the root by cracked out “Love and Hip Hop” co-star Joseline Hernandez, Rivera sought vengeance for the humiliating ordeal by posting a photo of them (literally) firing shots back at Hernendez and Stevie J.
Wrong move.
Stevie J’s beef was initially with just Benzino but then the opportunistic wife Hernandez took a shot at the much more attractive and appealing Rivera. Even though the taping of “Love and Hip Hop Reunion Part II” may have taken place several weeks ago, the intense hostility is still brimming just beneath the surface.
Waka, who was on tour at the time of the taping, could not be on the set to shield his newlywed wife from Hernandez’s hood-rat antics. As a retaliatory strike for getting her weaved pulled out, Rivera posted a photo of Waka pointing a gun at the camera to alert her nemesis her man is back home.
This is Rivera got tangled up law enforcement with a brain belch. She had just took a great deal of time explaining on the LA in detail that she is from Baltimore and had been in that life, but that with a  9-year-old daughter, she claimed that she left that life behind.
Here’s the problem: Waka is seen holding a gun. Having any kind of weapons in his possession is in direct violation of Waka’s current probation terms. After the photo went viral yesterday it didn’t take long before someone tipped off the Feds and we’re hearing that they have already been in touch with the rappers attorney.
Now it appears that Rivera’s juvenile behavior could land Waka Flocka Flame in the big house. A probation violation could be easy to prove, thus sending Waka back to prison, because it’s clear that Waka had a weapon in his possession.

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