Waka Flocka apologizes for calling transgenders ‘evil’

 Waka Flocka attends the all-new Range Rover Sport reveal on March 26, 2013 in New York City. (March 25, 2013 - Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images North America)
*After appearing on New York radio show The Breakfast Club last Friday, where he made homophobic and inflammatory remarks about the transgender community, including Caitlyn Jenner, Waka Flocka Flame took to Twitter on Saturday to apologize and clarify what he meant when he used “transgender + evil” in the same sentence.
While explaining why he and his wife Tami appeared on one season of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta,” Flocka said they did the show to prove that “minority women aren’t ratchet.”
“I did it for an opportunity to show my wife and to show the community that black women, or I could say minority women, aren’t ratchet. I got tired of seeing that,” he said.
Something else he’s tired of seeing is the lack of positive and inspiring marketing to families.
“Women are afraid to be a wife and young males are afraid to be men. It’s not cool; they’re not marketing that. They don’t market families and husbands and wives no more. They’re marketing young girls, transgenders, they’re marketing evil, man. It’s really evil … Evil is marketed … I ain’t no religious man… I ain’t got nothing against anybody’s preferences, but putting it on TV, that’s crazy. Kids are the only people watching TV. Adults are too busy. They’re trying to control life.”
His comments were mainly aimed at “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which he accused of “marketing young girls, transgenders, they’re marketing evil.”
Expounding on Caitlyn Jenner, Waka said:
“You are who you are when God made you, not who you became after he did. That’s how I just feel. You rebuking God, man. God ain’t put them feelings in you; that’s the devil playing tricks on your mind. That’s a test from God. If you can’t outbeat that one test, so you believe that, then you’ll believe everything else and you’re going down that way.”
After the special interest representatives from Black Twitter and beyond got in his a** – Waka took to Twitter to explain his beliefs and he didn’t backtrack.
“So now I’m #Homophobic because I don’t agree with #CatlinJenner Smh,” the rapper tweeted Saturday. “I’m not homophobic, I have nothing against the gay community. I’m still standing on what I said… I’m not a fan of transgender marketed like a superhero.”
He added that his comments were made to protect the impressionable youth who watch reality television.
“Children’s brains are a constant development to adulthood. And they pay attention to everything whether we want to accept it or not,” he tweeted. “I’m a father now so I look at life a lot differently.”
“And yes, I was wrong for using the word #evil. I apologize for that and every person I offended,” he tweeted.

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