Vote With Us Virtual Rally Launches Campaign to Educate, Motivate & Mobilize Young People and Communities of Color to Vote Early

A coalition of nonpartisan organizations, influencers, generational leaders, and activists have joined forces to host VOTE WITH US, a massive virtual rally and 11-day on-the- ground mobilization to create unprecedented voter turnout among young people and communities of color in the final days leading up to the general election. The three-hour event will stream on Vote Early Day Saturday, October 24, at 3 p.m. ET/Noon PT on and simulcast across YouTube and coalition partner social media channels.

“More than 15 million Americans turned 18 and became eligible to vote since the 2016 election.  Young people and people of color make up a majority of the electorate in 2020, which gives them an incredible opportunity to set the country on a more progressive path for generations to come.  It also provides the chance to hold those in power accountable,” said Mark Ruffalo.

Organizers behind some of the country’s most impactful advocacy organizations including #ALLINFORVOTING Campaign, APAI Vote, Ballot Ready, Black Male Voter Project, Black Voters Matter, Civic Power Media, Collective Education Fund, The Early Vote, Future Coalition, Headcount, League of Women Voters, March On, Milk Studios, M.O.B.B., Pull Up Neighbor, RepresentUs, Us Kids Film (Sundance 2020), Vote Early Day, and We Stand United, are uniting for the first time to mobilize and increase voter turnout.

Vote with Us Chicago DefenderThe virtual rally will focus on the four essential pillars of voting — WHY, HOW, WHEN, and WHERE to vote — with an emphasis on safe, in-person, early voting. The virtual rally will highlight early vote events in Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. Organizations and influencers will be taking to social media to urge their fans to participate in the event and turn out — to achieve record turnout among young people and people of color.

Andra Day will perform “Remember I Bleed,” VIC MENSA will perform “No More Teardrops,”  and The War and Treaty will perform John Lennon’s “Power to the People” as a tribute to the youth across the country who have already started voting early in record numbers. Ahead of its theatrical release on October 30, never-before-seen clips from the Kim Snyder-directed documentary “Us Kids” featuring Emma González, David Hogg, Samantha Fuentes, and the expansive coalition of teenage activists showcasing the power of youth voices will be shown throughout the rally. Clips from the Lisa Cortés, Liz Garbus-directed documentary ALL IN: The Fight for Democracy highlighting Stacey Abrams and movement leaders in the fight against voter suppression will also be featured.

Additional performances, special appearances, and support include Justin Bieber, Sherry Cola, Common, Candice Dupree, Demi Lovato, Mark Ruffalo, and the cast of the award-winning documentary Us Kids Emma González, David Hogg, Jaclyn Corin, Samantha Fuentes, Bria Smith, and Alex King. 

The on the ground mobilization efforts are already underway in states like Texas, California, and Arizona. A Vote With Us interactive map of early vote activations across the country will direct young voters to events in their area from now until election day, and provide a how-to for organizing their own.

“To vote is to harness your power, and we have to use the power that’s given to us. Don’t just vote for yourself, vote for every person; for every person whose basic rights are at risk, for every person who can’t vote because they are undocumented or incarcerated, for every person who is affected by the system, and for every person who fought with everything they had just to give us the right to vote. Vote because you can. Vote because we haven’t always been able to,” – activist Emma González, who appears in the award-winning documentary “Us Kids.” 

“Young people are done watching older generations gamble our futures away for the sake of power,” said Katie Eder, Executive Director of Future Coalition. “We’ve spent much of 2020 making our message loud and clear in the streets, and we’re going to make it binding at the ballot box, too. After November 3, nobody will say anymore that young people don’t show up. We are showing up in record numbers and we are the ones who are about to decide the future of our country.”

To RSVP for the Livestream, learn ways to get involved and access voting resources, please visit



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