(VIDEO) Kenwood Retires Nazr Mohammed’s High School Jersey

HYDE PARK — On Tuesday afternoon, Nazr Mohammed told a crowd full of his ex-teammates, coaches and current Kenwood students who were on hand to watch Kenwood Academy honor him by retiring his high school jersey that he did not prepare a speech. However, he was at no loss of words when it came to showing love to the people who were instrumental throughout his basketball career. “I was fortunate to choose and be chosen by some good teammates.”

With the theme of his message centering on being a “good teammate”, “Big Naz” spoke of teammates on the court like his college teammate Antoine Walker, fellow Kentucky Wildcat and Mark Odom, former Kenwood basketball standout expressing that without the support from those in his corner that his career success would have been even harder to obtain. “If I didn’t have those guys in my ear telling me get up, don’t go out tonight, get to practice early, stay late, I could have easily been out of the league in 3 years.” Instead, Nazr worked his way to an 18-year NBA career and was a member of the 2005 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs.

From now on, Nazr’s #54 Kenwood jersey will hang where it belongs, from the rafters of the Kenwood gymnasium.

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