VaShawn Mitchell sings the praise ‘God My God’

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VaShawn Mitchell is one of gospel music’s leading men of “Praise and Worship.” His music including “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” “My Worship is For Real,” “Nobody Greater” and “Turning Around For Me” has become Sunday morning favorites.
Although his latest single “God My God” released Aug. 19 has the makings of a hit record—VaShawn’s message is all about the King of Kings. The powerful ballad was birthed during a challenging time. “After my first back surgery, the pain worsened which threatened another operation, said the psalmist. “My chiropractor said if you don’t want another surgery just call on the God you sing about. This truly served as a reminder to call on His Name … that God’s Name has ALL power. His Name is a strong tower … I run to and am safe.”
After his recording, which also featured Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy along with Tasha Cobbs, I spoke with the humble Grammy Award-nominated artist and former member of Sweet Holy Spirit Church about his music ministry. Throughout his career, Mitchell has written a plethora of songs and he shared his inspiration for writing is “Everyday life,” Mitchell said. “It is important that we write songs that can live longer than we can. I want to write songs that people can pick up years from now and say I needed that record
“I think my all time favorite would be ‘My Worship is For Real.’ It’s always one of those timely songs that meet you where you are—when you’re there. I was on the verge of doing other things and God said–hey, I want you to do this. He gave me this song in the middle of my seesaw of life to give. It was the song that put me on the right track to know that God is my greatest power and that I should seek after Him more.”
The Harvey native has been credited with helping to launch Grammy Award-winner and powerhouse Tasha Cobbs’ recording career. “We grew up together in Full Gospel,” Mitchell said. “Tasha was one of our lead praise and worship leaders and she has always been amazing. She’s from Atlanta and served under Bishop William Murphy’s ministry.  It was amazing when she asked me to produce her record—it was a no brainer. I am a fan and a friend—those types of relationships when you put them together all you can do is bring out a sound that God is pleased with. A lot of people asked, who is that singing on ‘Nobody Greater’—it was Tasha Cobbs,” he said. The Stellar Award-winner also commented on what makes her ministry unique, “God is looking for singers who will not sing but lead. She is one of those people that lead people into a place where they understand that God is bigger than they are. Nobody what we see or what we go through. God takes a vessel and gives them such a big sound that is bigger them—it has no choice but to blow up.  I expected it. I know that labels have other issues that they deal with, but I expect it. I expect, but God has more power. This is nothing. We will see what she releases next and watch what God does.”
Mitchell has not only written songs for other artist, but was Minister of Music at Sweet Holy Spirit where Bishop Larry Trotter is pastor and later worked with Bishop William Murphy. Just as he does with his music, he wants to pour out and share with upcoming artists in the business, “God didn’t give this to me because I sing so well—but He gave it to me because He can trust me with it. I encourage everyone to be trusted. God gives us gifts to sing. But when He can trust you…that’s when He gives you the platform to take it because He knows what you’re gonna’ do when you get there.”
As for what’s next, Mitchell had this to say, “Well, right now I have no downtime. I’m in school for music business. I plan on graduating next year with my music business degree. Education with experience will take my music ministry and my brand to the next level.” However, he certain that his latest release is anointed, “This recording was unplugged—you never know what will happen—sing, dance or who’s gonna’ worship,” Mitchell said. “This year marks my eighth live recording session; my 18th year in gospel music and this year I will [be] 38 years old.  Eight means new beginnings. It’s the year of eights, the year of unexpected, the year of open doors and God will continue to make things new.” Check out his release wherever music is sold.
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