Using White Privilege to Help…and a Few Questions

These Works of Words are not about putting the burden on White people’s back, it’s about everyone carrying a load of past and current racism in order to prevent or denounce future bigotry!
The privileged White liberals of America have been very supportive of social or Black issues. They’ve used their position of privilege to assist in the Negro struggles. This dates back as far as when “free” White families hid runaway slaves or during the early Civil Rights movement when “free” Whites contributed large sums of cash to help Dr. Martin King’s freedom struggle. Whites supplied other important resources as well as people power, walking alongside the many marches and protests organized by Dr. King and his progressive team.
I’m sure Black America has benefited greatly from White liberals’ privilege. It’s on display in many concentrated areas. But what’s questionable, to me, is why have privileged White liberals “adopted” Black life into their mission statement? Was or is it a form of charity or a way of delivering Blacks their version of reparations, which they knew were owed to the Negroes for horrible misdeeds by their forefathers and ancestors? Or maybe it’s privileged Whites’ way of ensuring themselves a place next to their God?
I would love to know why privileged White liberals are more attentive to the plight of Black or Brown people than the right-wing, White Republican population? Because in my mind, they’re one and the same. Am I wrong or am I right? Someone, a White person, please explain the difference! Both have and continue to share the same White privilege!
What has puzzled me the most is how has the Black community still been so stagnated in their earned progress in America, even with so-called privileged White liberals being aligned on relevant issues affecting the Negro? If they’ve been openly supportive, then why is this country still so immersed in racism towards the Negro race? Where have White liberals and their privileged lifestyle been in terms of being on the front-line dealing with racial strife?
With White liberals and their entitled privileges controlling portions of this country, it makes me wonder, have our issues really been their secondary issues? Or does it appear that way as a smoke screen to wash their hands of past sins as they continue to retain their (unearned) privileges in some cases?
Today, as we study the history of America, we can see how White liberals have used their privilege to assist the under-served and disenfranchised communities of color. This goes as far back as White liberals attempting to protect or defend Native Americans when racist America clearly tried to erase them and their history.
But again, as White liberals enjoy a privileged America, why haven’t their push to solve some of the ills of the world been more effective? Has it all been a mirage or have the people being (helped) not done enough to actually help themselves? Food for thought!

Carl D. West

Carl D. West is the CEO/Publisher of TBTNews and founder of the TRUTH 4 Literacy Foundation, Leadership Luncheon, Legend and Pioneer Awards, all powered by Midwest Gap Enterprise.


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