U.S. Senate Candidate Andrea Zopp Calls on Congress to Address Police Officer Conduct

U.S. Senate candidate Andrea Zopp addressing audience
U.S. Senate candidate Andrea Zopp addressing audience

Former CEO and candidate for the U.S. Senate race, Andrea Zopp releases a statement on the forceful arrest of a Spring Valley High School student in South Carolina. 
“Unfortunately, this appears to be another vivid example of an excessive use of force on a person of color by a police officer. I am glad to hear that federal authorities are investigating this incident as a possible civil rights violation. I call on Congress to carefully monitor the investigation and use their legislative power to ensure that better training is provided to police officers who work in schools. More needs to be done on the local, state and federal to stop these incidents from happening. As the wife of a retired law enforcement officer, I know that there are other choices that could have been made in that classroom to better address the conflict between the student and school administrators.”  


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