Tyler Perry Confirms Girlfriend’s Pregnancy

While rumors swirled about that Tyler Perry announced at a recent party of his that he’s expecting a baby with his on again-off again Gelila Bekele, Perry nor his camp confirmed if there was any truth to him becoming a dad.  That is, until now.
Friday night at the New York Film Festival, Tyler walked the red carpet to promote the new movie he’s starring in, Gone Girl, the surefire big screen adaptation of the hit novel.
The Associated Press asked the actor/director and fat out asked about the baby rumor.  Perry confirmed it is true. When asked how they’re dealing with the baby news, Tyler said:
“Good, good. We’re good. Very happy. She’s excited, I’m excited so we’re very happy.”
Gone Girl, Executive Produced by Reese Witherspoon, hits theaters October 3rd.


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