Twitter Hires New Marketing Guru To Capitalize On Black Twitter

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Twitter is looking for ways to make a big buck off of its racially-diverse user base.
According to reports, the social network recently hired a marketing guru to study its demographics, including the online cultural and entertainment force we know as Black Twitter.
Marketing veteran Nuria Santamaria, who joined the Twitter family as a multicultural strategist in November, said “advertisers want to know more about racial and ethnic minorities on Twitter, from basic numbers to the languages in which they tweet.”
Santamaria’s job is to target Black, Hispanic and Asian-American users, and help the social site attract advertisers that appeal to racial and ethnic groups. According to research by the Pew Research Center, these groups account for 41 percent of Twitter’s 54 million users.
African Americans use Twitter at higher rates than other ethnic groups so it comes as no surprise that the social network would want to capitalize on that popularity.
“Perhaps the most significant contribution of Black Twitter is that it increases visibility of Black people online, and in doing so, dismantles the idea that white is standard and everything else is ‘other,’” wrote Soraya Nadia McDonald for the Washington Post. “It’s a radical demand for acceptance by simply existing—or sometimes dominating—in a space and being yourself, without apology or explanation.”
“You can observe its power and impact in the witty, sharply worded rebukes that haunt public figures when they do or say something stupid, especially if it’s racially insensitive,” she added.
Let’s hope Santamaria does a good job in her new position. If not, she should be prepared for plenty of shade and backlash harsher than a Beyonce hater talking ish while the #Beyhive is watching.
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