Twitter Explodes After Ray Rice Video Showing Knocking Wife Out

Ray Rice, right, and his wife at a press conference in suburban Baltimore to explain what happened without going into detail. The public now has access to the very graphic video showing the details Rice desperately tried to skirt around.

Ray Rice and the National Football League — including the judicial system in New Jersey — have come under furious fire after TMZ received and released the video showing him punching his wife with a closed fist, knocking his then-fiancé back against the wall of the elevator and rendering unconscious.
Most of the media indignation and public rage is directed like a laser beam toward the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goddell who listened to the evidence and handed down an extremely light two-game suspension.
The release of the video dramatically changes the narrative of Rice, the gifted workhorse and star running back or the Baltimore Ravens. It also alters the paradigm in terms of the sanctions administered against Rice, which now seems woefully insufficient.
As ESPN “First Take” cohost Stephen A. Smith said, “if a picture is worth a thousand words, then in this case a video is worth about a hundred million or more.”
The NFL denies they had access to the video, despite their repeated attempts to procure that precious piece of evidence. The public is very skeptical of that explanation and took to social media to vent their collective rage. Take a look:



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