Tupac and Whitney Houston Concert In Chicago?

Holographic Concert Venue Coming To Chicago

By Ken Hare

Chicago Defender Staff Writer


According to media reports, the owner of the Regal Theater, Gerald Gary, has initiated a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise money to install holographic technology at the famed theater to showcase deceased artist.

He said he got the idea after seeing the technology used on CNN and on shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to make it look like two people in different locations were together. After seeing a demonstration in California at the company headquarters, he said he was blown away by the technology.
Gary said he’s hoping to use it to bring performances to the theater that otherwise could never have happened. He said he’s working now on recreating performances by Jackie Wilson and Redd Foxx.
“It’s not just concerts and interviews, it’s whatever you can do with CGI computer-generated images,” Gary said.
He said the projectors will be able to create holograms as big as the Regal’s stage, which is slightly larger than the Chicago Theater Downtown.
“I think eventually it’s going to take over movies,” Gary said. “We’re using the Regal as the test ground.” The Kickstarter goal is hoping to raise $150,000.

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