Trump Mugshot: Social Media Reacts to Former President’s Moment of Infamy

On Thursday, the 45th President of the United States surrendered at Fulton County Jail on charges he attempted to reverse the 2020 Georgia election results, earning him a booking number, mugshot and a place in history as the first President ever to have both.

Donald Trump, whose estimated net worth is $2.5 billion, took a private jet to Atlanta and was escorted via a motorcade to get booked at the same facility where an inmate was allegedly eaten alive by bed bugs and is under federal investigation for having violent and unsanitary conditions.

Trump only spent 20 minutes getting processed at Fulton County, but this moment of infamy should endure for generations. On a historic night like this, Black Twitter, or X or whatever it’s called, was in prime form. 

Here are the best tweets from an eventful and historic night:

The Wait for the Mugshot

Since Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis announced charges against Trump and 18 of his associates and that they would have to surrender voluntarily by Friday, August 25, many were waiting for the former President’s mugshot to be released. Thursday was no different, especially after someone on social media circulated a fake one.

On Thursday afternoon, anticipation peaked for the release of the actual mugshot: 

It Happens

Around Thursday evening, the mugshot was released, revealing the glowering Trump, who radiates a devouring glare toward the camera against a drab backdrop. It’s an image that will outlive us all and be included in the history books for generations. 

But the former President is not one to rest and let others take control of the narrative. Hours after his release from jail, Trump returned to the platform formerly known as Twitter, and his account posted the mugshot with a link to his website and the caption, “Never surrender.”

‘Black Twitter’ Does its Thing

Just weeks after the Montgomery Riverboat Brawl, “Black Twitter” had a return to form on X, taking every opportunity to meme the now infamous mugshot and the ex-president’s brief visit to Fulton County Jail:




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