Trump Didn't Invent Racism!


Carl D. West

A few weeks ago I witnessed CNN political correspondent, attorney and CEO aAngela Rye, burst into tears as she attempted to address some of President Trump’s recent bigoted policies.
Hosted by Don Lemon, the panel of three was discussing the five right-wing White nationalists running for political offices throughout several states whom Trump or his immediate circle has endorsed. They were also debating the 12-year-boy harassed by White residents and then handcuffed by law enforcement for selling lemonade.
What was very telling about Rye’s outburst was that she expressed this country has always been prejudiced. She stated that bigotry didn’t start once Donald Trump was elected President, even though he has made it OK to openly admit people’s racist tendencies under his leadership. She also chastised Democrats for acting as though Trump is the most disgusting bigot within the Republican Party.
Rye stated that White folks, regardless of party affiliation, have never stop treating Black folks unfairly. She openly admitted that she’s frustrated, tired, and can’t believe that in the 21st century, this particular conversation continues to overload our society. Here is a snippet of Rye’s commentary that led up to her cable news break down:
“I’m told every day I’m on air that I’m racist because I call out racism. That is maddening to me. And I’m crying about it because it’s crazy. It’s so frustrating. We’re supposed to be talking about a 12-year-old boy who just tried to deliver newspapers and the police arrested him in Ohio where Tamir Rice was killed. This is not OK for the future direction of this country.
“I have a problem with the fact that we continue to make it seem like racism all of the sudden was discovered right with Donald Trump. That is not really the case. I remember when the ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ act came out. I remember when there was racism tied to the war on drugs with Ronald Reagan. I remember all of these things and what has happened over time, not just in the Republican Party.
“Because the Democrats have blood on their hands too. We have allowed covert racism to surface and now it’s overt, that is all that is happening because for years we pretended like covert racism wasn’t really that thing. Now that thing has become volatile and angry and violent. We cannot continue to say that racism just surfaced. It’s been here. This country was built on that.”
I must admit that I was in total agreement with Rye’s courageous and tearful assertion. Her commentary even brought a few tears to my eyes. There was a White Republican woman on the panel who kept trying to explain Trump’s behavior as well as his alleged bigoted policies. She continued to express that what may appear to be racist policies will prove to actually be favorable to Black people. This sounded completely absurd.
But as I began to consider what Rye was angrily expressing, White America has had a long history of bigotry! This is not about Republicans, only.
Just as Rye asserted, Democrats have practiced racism and separatism equally as long as the right wing. Now they wanna act as though the left is in remorse and Blacks should look at Trump with disgust. To be honest, most see both parties as two in the same. Each party consists of mainly White men who’ve inherited their forefather’s beliefs and a pronouncement that their race is superior. Why else have (some) White people conducted themselves in such a horrible manner across this country?
For instance, as of late, we continue seeing signals of racist behavior from White residents calling cops on Black kids cutting grass, shoveling snow, crossing the street, bathing in their own swimming pools, or adult Hispanics wearing heritage t-shirts, as well as Black men sitting in coffee houses, etc. Therefore, Democrats (White and Blacks), stop acting as though President Trump invented racism!
He again may have made it fashionable to wear bigoted insignias on their sleeves or visibly placed tattoos. But Donald is in a never-ending line of racist individuals showcasing appalling behavior long before he was eagerly elected CEO of the make-believe free world.

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