Troy Pryor’s XL Film Fest Spotlights Local Talent & Industry Legends

It takes an extraordinary person to be an innovator. You must have a combination of skill, commitment and the right network. 

Meet Troy Pryor, the millennial man who took on the challenge of bringing a homegrown XL Film Festival to Chicago, presented by his company Creative Cypher. The XL Film Festival will feature current and veteran industry professionals like Robert Townsend, Jackie Taylor, Lil Rel, George Daniels, Louis Carr, and more this weekend, August 18-20.

Chicago Defender: Why was it important to create a film festival in your hometown of Chicago?

Troy Pryor: We want to celebrate the incredible talent Chicago produces while creating a live experience that attracts new work to the city.

Chicago Defender: Chicago is an excellent city of undiscovered talent. What is your hope for the XL Festival, and how it will inspire creatives? 

Troy Pryor: The XL Fest is designed to become a significant tourism opportunity for the city. It has a built-in sales opportunity for creators, making it a market vs. only showcase of films. The XL is also Black-owned compared to many festivals, which are only black targets but lack actual Black leadership. 

Chicago Defender: What can industry hopefuls and veterans expect to gain from this three-day experience? 

Troy Pryor: Major keys! You will get it whether you’re in the industry or just want to be entertained and inspired. Several industry veterans, rising legends and new faces are rocking the stage. Chicago’s own Robert Townsend headlines and heavyweights like Louis Carr will discuss their rise in the media.

Chicago Defender: Let’s discuss the importance of collaboration in the city. What are the four keys to effective networking in the city?

Troy Pryor: Awareness — keep learning and remain observant of the times. Humility — no one makes it by themselves. Clarity — know who you are and what you want. Presence — you can’t network if you’re not present.

Chicago Defender: Finish this statement: XL Film Festival is

Troy Pryor: XL Film Festival is the next ticket you will purchase.

For more information about the XL Film Festival, visit this link:

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